DTS(Double Tube System)

DTS(Double Tube System) Brazed Tools

About DTS (Double Tube System)

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The DTS is characterized by its two tube construction and is therefore known as the double tube system. A sealing system and pressure head, which is required in the Single Tube System (STS) is not necessary for the DTS and it is therefore suitable for conventional general purpose machines such as lathes or machining centers.
In general, because of less efficient chip evacuation than the STS the recommended max drilling depth is 1000mm. However, Unitac has the DTC-R tube connector that is capable of supplying high pressure coolant and can successfully achieve drilling depths of up to 2000mm.

Solid Drilling

Only one operation necessary to obtain required hole diameter.
18.40mm to 500.00mm (actual result) diameter range available.
Brazed, Indexable and Direct Mount tooling available.

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This process is used to open up a pre-bored hole to obtain a more exact diameter and to machine a precise quality hole.
Diameter available from ΓΈ18.40mm.
Brazed and Indexable tooling available.

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Accessories between drill heads and drilling machines.

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