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STS(Single Tube System)


About STS (Single Tube System)

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The STS may also be referred to as the BTA system in the deep hole drilling process.
A large volume of coolant is pumped under high pressure to the cutting area in the workpiece. Chips are then forced out through the drill tube at the back and they do not touch workpiece allowing super surface finish. STS is a very good method to obtain holes of high productivity and high accuracy by using a dedicated drilling machine and a sealing with the workpiece.

Solid Drilling

Only one operation necessary to obtain required hole diameter.
8.00mm to 500.00mm (actual result) diameter range available.
Brazed, Indexable and Direct Mount tooling available.

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This process is used to open up a pre-bored hole to obtain a more exact diameter and to machine a precise quality hole.
Diameter range from ΓΈ18.40mm.
Brazed and Indexable tooling available.

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Trepanning requires less power than solid drilling applications. Trepanning also leaves a core which can be used for material analysis or production of other parts.

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Accessories between drill heads and drilling machines.

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